Windows Live photo Gallery Top Features

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Windows Live photo Gallery Top Features
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Download PDF File Windows Live photo Gallery Top Features. I often use Picasa to batch resize photos but for this tutorial we are using. Windows Live Photo Gallery. In this tutorial I am going to …

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live photo Gallery Top Features
Windows live photo Gallery is a free program from Microsoft that is available to download at Windows live photo Gallery. Once you have installed the program, the first time you start it, WLPG will find all of your photos on your computer. The folder is where the photos are contained will appear for you to browse through. Can you believe that photo fuse with Windows Live Photo Gallery is available for free for the mere home user. Now you can really create a great photo without having to employ the services of a professional. I am absolutely stunned at what Windows live photo Gallery can do, especially when it comes to photos fuse. I really never thought that blending two photos together with Windows live photo fuse would be so incredibly easy! My 10 year old daughter could easily edit a photo like a professional using this fantastic free software. Of course there is Google’s Picasa

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