Water Aerobics Instructor Study Guide

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Water Aerobics Instructor Study Guide
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Water Aerobics Instructor Study Guide. Knowledge of target heart rate. Knowledge of rescue swimming. Knowledge of water aerobics movements …

American Sport and Fitness Association
Personal Trainer/Advanced Personal Trainer/ Master Trainer/ Sports Nutritionist/ Martial Arts Strength Trainer/Step & Kickbox Aerobics Instructor/ Health Club Manager/ Women’s Self-Defense Instructor/Cycling Instructor/ Pilates Instructor/ Sport Specific Trainer/ Water Aerobics/ Childhood Obesity Specialist/ Golf Specific Training Specialist Study guides. Legal Disclaimer The Author accepts no liability for actions influenced or taken by anyone that reads this manual or receives a certificate of satisfactory completion from the American Sport and Fitness Association LLC (ASFA). This manual is meant to inform, entertain and educate the reader. The reader should independently verify any errors or omissions. The reader accepts sole responsibility for any use or misuse of the information contained herein. This text may not be reproduced except where noted within, or by written permission of the Author.

Through the last several decades, due to the increasing rise in medical complications (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, etc.) related to obesity and lack of physical activity, America has decided that now is the time to lead a healthier life. The follow are study guides to help you assist these people wishing to change their life style. Any form of certification as a physical trainer usually merits at least fifty dollars per hour. Whether you are a Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Martial Arts Strength Trainer, Women’s Self-Defense Instructor, or Step/Kickbox Aerobics Instructor, there is a job market for you. Not only will you have the satisfaction of seeing your clients physically change before you, but you will also be paid very well for doing what you love to do. Following the introduction will be study guides for your certification of choice. Some charts are provided to use as reference to your study guide and for your clients. All outlines state topics for independent study by the reader before completing any certifications.

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