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Capoeira Study Guide for Teachers

bananeira – handstands pião de cabeça – headspins. Study Guide for Teachers. Here is an example of Capoeira, a combination of martial arts and dance form. …

Capoeira Brief Description

Since this task is impossible to accomplish in a summarized study guide, I will present, instead, an outline of work based on my own school, Capoeira-Bahia. …

Capoeira, A Philosophy of The Body

Capoeira is today the second most widely practiced sport in Brazil after football. That said, its reach is worldwide. In Paris, for example, there is not a single gym that does not offer capoeira lessons.

Music in Bahia’s Capoeira Angola

The music is played specifically for capoeira circle ceremonies. It serves to teach and guide the contestants, and follows an order of rank created by capoeiristas.