Ten Years Of Atlantis Resort

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Ten Years Of Atlantis Resort
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And those expectations are met as Atlantis draws the world’s best for their gastronomic take on the Atlantis legend. The resort’s 35 restaurants and lounges …


Ten years ago, visionary international developer Sol Kerzner took a dream ­ and $1 billion ­ to create a never-before-imagined resort infused with magic, spirit, excitement, and wonder on the aptly-named Paradise Island in The Bahamas. An unparalleled genius at creating themed destination resorts worldwide to provide unforgettable experiences for guests ­ and with an obsession for attention to detail, from construction to cutlery ­ the Chairman of Kerzner International did indeed make the world take notice when Atlantis, Paradise Island opened to international acclaim. Atlantis has marked a decade of making dreams come true, and thus it is appropriate to trace and toast the resort’s phenomenal success with a look at its history, news-making present, and exciting plans for the future. The Western Hemisphere’s most spectacular resort, as we will see, continues to not only make news, but also to break trailblazing ground in the world’s competitive leisure travel industry. IN THE BEGINNING … In 1994, Sol Kerzner purchased a languishing Resorts International from entertainer/entrepreneur Merv Griffin. This once-popular jet-set playground on Paradise Island had seen better days, but from the start Kerzner saw its potential. Struck by the beauty of the location, on a lush tropical island with a pristine two-mile white sand beach, Kerzner vowed to build the most engaging and astounding resort the world had ever seen, a place where dreams would be made real and all who experienced it would fall under its mystical spell … whilst having a whole lot of fun in the process. At that time, tourism, the largest sector of The Bahamas’ economy, had been on the decline, unemployment rates were in the double-digits, and the country’s tourism infrastructure had been steadily eroding for years. But that was all to change quickly as, within eight months, Kerzner had transformed almost the entire island into a tropical paradise … with a healthy bottom line. The 1,147-room resort – which included the Beach Tower and the Coral Towers – was completely renovated, millions were spent on service training and staff development, and new restaurants and recreation amenities were added. The centerpiece was a remarkable 14-acre Waterscape with a 3.2 million-gallon saltwater habitat that surprised guests with its innovation and continues to attract enthusiastic visitors who can’t seem to get enough of the six exhibit lagoons, 40 waterfalls, two underground grottos for marine life observation and an underwater clear tunnel for close inspection of sharks. "I wanted water to be an integral part of the experience, to bring the ocean in," Kerzner remembers, "People started telling me that it was almost as if the ocean ran through the property, and in a way it did. `An Ocean Runs Through It’ became the base upon which the Lost City of Atlantis would rise."

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