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Anglicanism Poetic Spirit A Celtic Service Reflection

“The Poetic Spirit of Anglicanism” A Reflection for the Celtic Service. One of the things that we hear most often said about the Celtic Candlelight Service at St. Thomas’ is that it is meditative

Anglicanism Lenten Studies Overview

Lenten Studies in Anglicanism. Week 6 ( March 28 th. ): Spirituality. 1. Starting Point of Anglican Spirituality: the human heart a) The Sinful Heart …

Anglicanism Introduction In North America

An Introduction to Anglicanism and the Anglican Church In North America. What is Anglicanism? The Anglican Church is an historic branch of the Church established by Jesus Christ Himself.

Article About What Is Orthodox Anglicanism?

By Archbishop Scott E. McLaughlin is, the Orthodox Anglican understanding of the Church. The book is one of those rare gems one … Anglicanism is, we shall also clearly see what it is not. …

Anglicanism Monastic Quality

This article originally appeared in Volume I, Issue 5 of Anglican Embers without …. and simplicity in 17th century Anglicanism – as though the Carolines …