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Download PDF File San Antonio Airport System Parking Availability. Long-Term Lot: Economy Lot … “Airport Security Parking”. * During the peak holiday season, please …

San Antonio Airport System
Parking Availability

Long-Term Lot: Economy Lot


Light Light

Hourly Lot
* Please be advised that the availability listed above is an approximation and does not represent a real-time or exact count of the number of spaces available in any given lot. * If both the long-term and economy lots are full, and you choose not to use the hourly lot, then spaces should be available offairport property at "Airport Security Parking" located at 1107 Halm (half-block South of Loop 410). * Shuttle service is available to passengers parking in both the Economy Lot as well as "Airport Security Parking" * During the peak holiday season, please arrive to the airport no later than two hours prior to departure.

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