Ohio Health Insurance Complete Guide

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Ohio Health Insurance Complete Guide
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PDF File Guide to Ohio Health Insurance. How to find, keep and use health insurance. The basics of health insurance. Possible additional benefits in Ohio plans

Ohio Consumer Guide Series
Ohio Department of Insurance

Guide to Health Insurance
How to find, keep and use health insurance

The Ohio Department of Insurance has created this guide to help you understand some of the basics of health insurance. This guide is intended to help individuals, families, self-employed people and small business owners evaluate their options.

If you have health coverage, try to keep it. Unless the policy owner (you or your employer) stops paying premiums, the health plan cannot cancel your coverage — even if you get sick. The law allows you to keep coverage through life-changing events (divorce, changing jobs, job loss, etc.)

Not having health insurance can be a dangerous decision. If you’re not covered and have an accident or develop a serious illness, it can be financially devastating.

What is health insurance? Health insurance is a general term used to describe many kinds of insurance coverage. For most people, the term “health insurance” means comprehensive health insurance. This is the broadest kind of health insurance and covers most of the cost of keeping you healthy and getting you healthy if you become ill. Comprehensive health insurance includes doctor visits, hospital care, tests, certain therapies and sometimes prescription drugs. Medicare and Medicaid provide such comprehensive coverage to eligible people.

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