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Safety Guide for Home Swimming Pools and Spas. Drowning takes the lives of more. California toddlers than any other kind of accident. Children who …

Safety Guide for Home Swimming Pools and Spas
Drowning takes the lives of more California toddlers than any other kind of accident. Children who manage to survive a "near drowning" incident often suffer permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen. Children one to four years old are at greatest risk for drowning. They are very active and curious, and they learn new skills every day. One day they suddenly learn how to open the sliding door and wander from the house to the pool and spa area. A child may fall in and drown silently without calling out for help. The whole event can happen in just a minute or two. Most of these drownings take place at the homes of parents, relatives, or neighbors. Fortunately, you can prevent toddler drowning by combining these two methods:

even for a few seconds. · When young children are in or around the pool or spa, assign a "Water Watcher" to keep them in DIRECT SIGHT. Relieve the watcher every 20 minutes or so. Get into the habit of keeping doors and gates leading to water closed, even when using the pool or spa. Never prop doors or gates open. Be especially alert at the start and end of "planned" pool parties for toddlers. If a child is missing, ALWAYS look first in the pool or spa. Seconds count! Keep rescue equipment (safety ring, long pole) and a portable phone next to the pool or spa.


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Tips for Using Safety Barriers A safety barrier helps prevent or slow a child from getting to the water. A four-sided isolation fence is the best barrier as it completely surrounds the pool or spa. It is different from a property line or "perimeter" fence that keeps neighbors’ children from accessing your pool. Isolation fencing separates the pool or spa from the house. Isolation fences are specially designed so that children cannot easily get over, under, or through them. · Make sure all fence gates and ladders leading to a pool or spa are self-closing


Tips for Improving Adult Supervision Supervision of children around water is not "normal" supervision, where we check on a child every couple of minutes. When around water, children must be kept in direct sight at all times. Children in water or next to water can drown immediately and silently, so there is no room for error. · Never leave a young child alone in or around a pool, spa, or wading pool,

Produced by California Department of Health Services as authorized by the Swimming Pool Safety Act (Health and Safety Code Section 115920-115929).

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