Guide to Household Contents Insurance

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Guide to Household Contents Insurance
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Household contents insurance. What is household contents insurance. Household contents insurance (sometimes known as home contents …


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Household contents insurance
What is household contents insurance
Household contents insurance (sometimes known as home contents insurance) covers most of your personal belongings and household possessions against loss or damage. This includes furniture, domestic equipment, electrical appliances, furnishing, clothing, food and drink, some valuables and cash up to a certain limit. Household contents insurance covers the possessions belonging to you and to close family members who live with you. This usually means that the belongings of your husband, wife, civil partner, children, parents and other close family members living with you are protected. Some insurance companies automatically include people who are cohabiting in their definition of ‘family members’, but you may want to check. A friend who lives with you or who is staying with you would not normally be covered, unless their name was included in your policy. There is no legal requirement for you to take out household contents insurance, but it is advisable for you to do so. Your household insurance policy usually covers damage to your possessions caused by fire, flooding, and storm damage, as well as theft. Accidental damage or loss to household items are not usually covered by your insurance policy. The only exceptions are mirrors and fixed glass in furniture and televisions. You can often extend your policy to cover accidental damage to all of the contents of your home. You will have to pay extra for this. Most household contents policies give ‘new for old’ cover. This means that you will get the full cost of replacing an old item with a new one if it is damaged or stolen. However some items, for example clothing and bedding, are not usually covered on a new for old basis. Household contents insurance usually also provides cover for payment of a lump sum of money if you or your spouse die as a result of a fire, theft, or an accident in your home. It can also cover your legal responsibility if someone is injured or dies when they visit your property. Household contents insurance policies do not usually cover personal possessions taken out of the home, for example, cameras, jewellery or sports equipment. However, you may be able to get cover for such items by paying extra. This is known as all risks cover. There is usually an upper limit on the value of any single item. You may have to get extra cover if you want to include a very valuable item in your contents insurance policy. You may also have to agree to certain

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