Cars Animated Automatically Tutorial

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Cars Animated Automatically Tutorial
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This tutorial will show up how to make automated animations for cars. Your car trajectory will be a nurbs curve ….. The curve will have to be set to 3D. …

– Automated animation for cars Animating one car on a straight road is easy, but if you want to animate one or several cars following a curve, with speed variations, and other refinements, you will need a method allowing automatic steering and proportionnal speed for the wheels rotation. This tutorial will show up how to make automated animations for cars. Your car trajectory will be a nurbs curve (Fig. 1-2).


A bezier curve could do the trick, but Nurbs curves are easier to manage with. I say a trajectory instead of a path, because we will not use it as a real Path. Generally, a Path curve has a speed Ipo, and plays the animation on a fixed number of frames. The method that I want to show you, uses a more flexible way in my opinion. Later, in your animation, you will need a car body. For now, it is not necessary, and you only have to know that all car bodies you could model will be easily parented to the system that we will build now. You only need to model one wheel, and duplicate it four times. The front wheels will remain free, and the rear wheels will be joined in one unique object. It is important to put the center of each object exactly at the center of each mesh. So, each front wheel will have it’s own center, and the rear wheels will have their center at half distance between them. The distance between the front and rear wheels is not too important right now, and it will be adjustable later to the dimension of the car bodies that you will use. You will need a Mesh that will be used as a Chassis to parent the wheels and the body. As this object will not be rendered, you will set for it an unvisible material, or a bound box. You could also use an empty or even a bone, but a flattened cube will be visually of a better help.

Blender tutorial written by Philippe ROUBAL. ©2006. . Page 1 of 24.

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